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Title Speaker Target Audience Title Is Vendor Session Possible Keynote Copresenters
A Developer's Guide To Docker Lee Brandt General DevOps No No
Accessibility Cookbook: 10 Easy Recipes Martine Dowden Introduction Web Development No No
Agile for Remote Teams Michael Dowden General Agile Experiences No No
App Modernization with Containers and Azure PaaS Jonathan Mast Introduction Cloud Computing No No
Bad agile metrics and how to find them Charles Husemann General Agile Experiences No No Faye Thompson
Becoming a Social Developer: A Guide for Introverts Jeremy Clark General Other No Yes
Better Names for Better Code Michael Dowden General Other No No
Building a Release Plan with Confidence Using Forecasting Chris Shinkle General Agile Methodologies No No
Chatbots - are they really working? What's the difference between success and failure? Mickey Mentzer Introduction Other Yes No
Cultivating Space for Learning Faye Thompson General Other No No
DI Why? Getting a Grip on Dependency Injection Jeremy Clark Introduction Architecture No No
Exploring REST Web Services Mike Smith Introduction Web Development No No
Fabricating Fantastic Forms Martine Dowden Intermediate Web Development No No
Get it Right the First Time - The First 90 Days With a New Team Michael Wallace Intermediate Agile Experiences No No Mark Bradley
Halt and Catch Fire: Who really needs NoSQL? Matthew Groves Introduction Architecture No No n/a
Helping Your Teams Soar to New Heights Sam O'Brien General Agile Experiences No No none
How Microsoft Does DevOps Paul Hacker General DevOps No No
Introduction to Docker Oliver Wright Introduction DevOps Yes No
Keeping Up Without Burning Out Ken Baum General Other Yes No
Machine Learning the Easy Way: Azure Cognitive Services Eric Potter General Cloud Computing No No
NoSQL Shouldn’t Mean NoSecurity Matthew Groves Intermediate Web Development No No
Opening Remarks Phil Japikse General Other No No
Personas Non Grata No More! - How to welcome personas into your user stories Kris Schroeder General Other No No Jessica Rensing
PowerShell is for Developers Too! Mike Smith Introduction Other No No
Purposeful Personal Branding Cassandra Faris General Other No No
Real Agile for Real Software Lee Brandt General Agile Experiences No No
Scrum Master Interview Games John Riley General Agile Experiences No No
Should I be a generalist or a specialist? Eric Potter General Other No No
Software Craftsmanship for Non-Developers Chad Green Introduction Agile Experiences No No
SOLID Design Patterns for Mere Mortals Phil Japikse Intermediate Architecture No No
Unit Testing Makes Me Faster: Convincing Your Boss, Your Co-Workers, and Yourself Jeremy Clark General Agile Experiences No No
We Don't Type for a Living: Plural Programming Practices for Productivity and Profit Jon Fazzaro General Agile Experiences No No
What I am doing wrong with Azure Functions Baskar Rao Dandlamudi Intermediate Cloud Computing No No
Working with Agile Resisters Charles Husemann General Scaling/Transformational Agile No No
You won’t believe what’s hidden in your data. How visualization transforms how you see information Walt Ritscher Introduction Other No Yes