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Title: Scrum Master Interview Games

Speaker: John Riley

Time/Room: 12:50 PM/Magnolia (SDS)


The Penny Game, The Marshmallow Challenge, the Alphabet Focus Game. We have all played games such as these in agile teams. They bring out our team's natural abilities to meet a challenge. We form quick cohesive bonds to create awesomeness but also have a little fun. Wouldn't it be great to share some of this fun with our scrum master interview candidates? We will play some games in this workshop to demonstrate fun ways to help you find that perfect scrum master candidate. Pairs of interviewers will challenge candidates with creative puzzles. Observers will also be able to share their thoughts on this transparent but safe environment. We will leave this session with a shared experience that you can use to impress your own interview candidates. Come have some fun!

Topic: Agile Experiences

Target Audience: General

Keywords: games, Team-Building, Fun, Team-cohesiveness, scrum_master, interview