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Title: Get it Right the First Time - The First 90 Days With a New Team

Speaker: Michael Wallace (Mark Bradley)

Time/Room: 10:30 AM/Magnolia (SDS)


You've just become the Scrum Master or Coach for a new team. You're not sure yet of the challenges ahead or how you will meet them. You most likely will have three months to show some progress with your new team - or fail. This session will provide you with a road map for making the right moves quickly and effectively during this critical phase of your relationship with a new team. Based on the STARS model developed by Michael Watkins in his book "The First 90 Days" for executives in transition, we'll show you how this model can be used to help Scrum Masters and Coaches working with new teams to quickly diagnose the situation to understand its challenges and opportunities, secure early wins to establish credibility and create momentum, and create a productive working relationship with your team.

Topic: Agile Experiences

Target Audience: Intermediate

Keywords: scrum master, coach, agile coach