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Session Details

Title: Keeping Up Without Burning Out (Vendor Session)

Speaker: Ken Baum

Time/Room: 11:30 AM/Marquis (Ingage)


As a community, we understand the importance of keeping our skills current and continuously upgrading them; if we’re not moving forward, we’re falling behind. We’d like to acquire new languages, work with the latest javascript frameworks, learn new programming and design techniques, and improve our soft skills, but who has the time? The kids are in soccer and karate and band and church activities and the commute is deadly and we volunteer on the weekends; there is just no time left over for career development. In this talk, we will examine the ways in which we learn new technology and how we might improve our learning without killing ourselves or sacrificing our families.

Topic: Other (Soft Skills)

Target Audience: General

Keywords: Learning How To Learn, Keeping Current, Improving Development Skills