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Title: PowerShell is for Developers Too!

Speaker: Mike Smith

Time/Room: 5:00 PM/Marquis (Ingage)


PowerShell is generally described as an administrator’s tool. Most of the built-in cmdlets are designed for Windows administration, and most of the libraries are for server technologies like AD, SQL and SharePoint. PowerShell is also for developers! Instead of creating custom utilities in a Console application, with PowerShell you can quickly create reusable, and modifiable scripts to do the same things. In this session you will see: • An overview of PowerShell and how to quickly create scripts. • How PowerShell is based on the .NET Framework, and how as a .NET developer you may be more at home with PowerShell than an administrator. • How to quickly interact with any DLL, from a well-known library or one you have created, to explore, test and use all of its functionality. • How to call web services, without code! • How to call PowerShell scripts from your code. • How to write your own custom cmdlets from Visual Studio.

Topic: Other (Tools for Developers)

Target Audience: Introduction

Keywords: PowerShell